Lucky Dip Seconds Bracelets/Tasbih By Safar London

£6.95 On Sale

This Listing is for our SECONDS bracelets/tasbih. These items are deemed as SEONDS as they do not adhere to our strict quality control. The product is still in usable condition. You will receive a RANDOM design from the product images which MAY have the following defects or imperfections;

- Does not contain exact 33 beads as our standard tasbih bracelets
(could be more or less)
- Some beads maybe imperfect or not as uniform as others
-There may be a colour variation in one or two beads
- Item does not come in a gift box.

You may request a particular design but we cannot guarantee you will receive your preference. Item will come in a Safar London velvet bag. While stocks lasts.


UK Delivery - £2.25

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